We aim to establish a happy, caring environment, where children grow in confidence, develop lively enquiring minds and acquire understanding, knowledge and the skills essential for future learning.
Children will be continuously monitored by their teachers. Assessments of Reading,Writing and Maths are made at the end of every half term carefully tracking progress.Science assessments are taken at the end of each unit taught and foundation subjects are monitored through teacher observations. 
Foundation Stage Profiles for Reception children are ongoing from September. Early Years children undertake a 'Baseline Assessment' and a 'Follow Up 'Assessment to measure progress in the Early Years.
Year 1 children take a 'Phonics assessment' , this assessment is repeated in year 2 if necessary.
Formal standardised assessment takes place at 7 years of age over two weeks in late May when year 2 children are involved in Teacher based assessments and the year 3 and 4 children are tested with the QCA (Qualifications and  Curriculum Authority Tests) year 3 & 4 tests. You will be notified of the dates.
We attach a high priority to the development of basic skills in english and mathematical development.
Mornings are dedicated to these skills and start with Everyone Reading In Class ( E.R.I.C.) , we move onto a numeracy hour, followed by “Sounds write” our phonics based reading and spelling programme. In Key Stage Two this is then followed by a formal English Language Lesson. In Key Stage One English Language is taught via our Creative Topics.  
During the afternoons our work is based on cross curricular themes. This work includes close attention to the core subjects of Science, ICT and RE as well as the following foundation subjects Design and Technology, Music, Art and Design, PE, PSHCE, History and Geography. 
Our topic titles this year include “Rise of the Robots”."Planes Trains and Automobiles". "The Olympics". 
We match the curriculum to each child’s development throughout the 2-9 year age range.   We supplement the curriculum with educational visits and utilise the expertise of visiting speakers.
We highly value the acquisition of learning aptitudes and skills, we aim to work with our children to create confident and independent learners, we value the whole child and place especially high importance on emotional intelligence and inclusion for all.